Woodlawn: ONE (Student Version)

Woodlawn: ONE (Student Version)

Based on a true story, this study will prepare your heart to embrace a move of God that starts with revival and unity. Unite teens together with teaching by Caleb Castille (who plays Tony Nathan in Woodlawn).

Subtitles available in English

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Themes: Preparation, Forgiveness, Mentors, True Story, Revival, Teamwork, Historical, Legacy, Identity, Revolution, Miraculous, Spiritual Awakening, Movie

Produced by The Erwin Brothers and City on a Hill Studio

Woodlawn: ONE (Student Version)
  • 1. Forgiveness

    Caleb Castille, who plays Tony Nathan in Woodlawn, talks about the power of forgiveness. Using powerful scenes from Woodlawn, Caleb discusses the danger of being consumed by anger and how we all must experience the love and forgiveness of Christ in order to truly forgive others in our lives.

  • 2. Preparation

    Caleb Castille, the student star of Woodlawn, shares scenes from the movie and personal stories about preparing for whatever God calls you to, before he calls you to do it. Discussing topics such as humility and obedience, Caleb teaches you often have to make sacrifices seek God's will and to fol...

  • 3. Mentors

    Caleb Castille, starring actor who plays Tony Nathan in Woodlawn, discusses the importance of having a Godly mentor. Mentors provide encouragement, correction, and connection. By using examples in the movie, Caleb shares three important qualities that one should look for when finding a mentor in ...

  • 4. Taking Risks

    For many people, it is very difficult to surrender control over any area of our life. However, Caleb Castille shares how Scripture instructs us about the dangers of keeping control and not surrendering to God. Using scenes from the Woodlawn film, we are shown the importance of putting Jesus and o...

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  • JOURNAL | Week 1 - Woodlawn Student (pdf)

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  • THE PLAYBOOK (Student Athlete Guide) | Part 1 - Woodlawn (pdf)

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    A preview of the WOODLAWN Edition of “The Playbook” by Dr. Tony Evans and Jonathan Evans. A one-on-one discipleship book for a mentor and athlete to study together.