The Song

The Song

Features scenes from the movie and teaching by Kyle Idleman. Whether you’re single & dating, engaged, or married, learn more about God’s plan for relationships, love, and marriage using straightforward Bible teaching through the Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes.

Subtitles available in English and Spanish

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Themes: Love, Dating, Marriage, Intimacy, Sex, Conflict, Communication, Separation, Temptation.

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The Song
  • 1. Deepening Desire

    God created love and marriage, making Him the ultimate authority on such matters. Using scenes from The Song, Kyle Idleman discusses dating as God intended. God's Word gives us direction when dating and discusses how true beauty comes from the inside-out.

  • 2. Increasing Intimacy

    Kyle Idleman delves into Scripture discussing the wedding night of Solomon and his wife. What people think of nowadays when someone mentions sexual intimacy is not what God intended. Intimacy is designed to be a gift and a connecting of souls; moments comprised of gentleness, trust, and respect.

  • 3. Fighting Fair

    Conflict within a marriage is unfortunately inevitable, but Kyle Idleman discusses healthy practices we can learn through Scripture to resolves such conflict. By allowing Jesus to be the third strand in a marriage, you allow yourself to be less vulnerable to outside temptations.

  • 4. Rediscovering Romance

    Marriage is a great presentation of the kind of love relationship that God desires with us. Using scenes from The Song, Kyle Idleman talks about the importance of not neglecting the romance within a marriage and how to rekindle the romance when it begins to fade.

  • 5. Cultivating Commitment

    Jesus states in the Gospel that we will endure troubles and hardships throughout our lives, and marriage is no exception to this. Kyle Idleman illustrates how to handle issues within a marriage when trouble arises. Using scenes from The Song, we see demonstrating our love must be intentional even...

  • 6. Fostering Faith

    Where do you go when trouble comes in your marriage? Kyle Idleman asks that question of us and discusses the importance of surrendering your marriage to God. Scenes from The Song, remind us that ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction cannot come from your spouse, but from God alone.



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