The End of Me

The End of Me

There is a beauty in coming to the end of ourselves as we realize that we aren’t enough to navigate life on our own. Join Kyle Idleman as he explores the upside down paths that lead us to Jesus and unpacks the counter-intuitive truths of Jesus.

Subtitles available in English and Spanish

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Themes: Beatitudes, Sermon on the Mount, Broken, Mourn, Authentic, Truth, Counterintuitive, Transform, Emptiness

Produced by City on a Hill Studio

The End of Me
  • 1. Broken to be Whole

    Rachelle Starr spent years searching for purpose by doing what she thought were the 'right things' to do as a Christian, yet still felt empty and unfulfilled. When driving one day, she felt a call to bring Jesus’ love to women working in strip clubs and the sex-for-sale industry; jump-starting he...

  • 2. Mourn to be Happy

    Landry Fields's lifetime dream of playing in the NBA had become a reality and he was enjoying the success, fame, and perks that came along with that. Basketball had become his first and only love and passion. But when a strange injury began keeping him off the basketball court, he was forced to t...

  • 3. Authentic to be Accepted

    Jefferson Bethke could have never guessed his YouTube video "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus" would change his life so dramatically, hitting over 6 million views in a few days. The experience forced Jefferson to come to terms with some issues he had been struggling with for years and with som...

  • 4. Empty to be Filled

    Ken Mansfield's career is one many in music industry would die to experience. Surrounded by money and fame, Ken gave into his desires until it all came crashing down before him. Jobless and homeless, he began to form a relationship with God. His life did not instantly become perfect after accepti...

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