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Museum of the Bible
  • History of the Bible | MOTB Walkthrough

  • Experience the Book!

    Watch this short film weave together 12 historic events illustrating the Bible as the common thread that connects history.

    This video is provided courtesy of Museum of the Bible. Go here for more information:

  • The Gutenberg Bible and Press | Heroes of the Bible

    Reading and writing was limited to an elite number of nobles or scribes. But in the 15th century, a literate middle class craving knowledge created an atmosphere for innovation in ways to mass produce the written word. Gutenberg’s system of movable type made it possible! When Johannes Gutenberg ...

  • The Tyndale Bible | Heroes of the Bible

    Hard to imagine, but in the early 1500s, having an English Bible in England was illegal! William Tyndale, set out to correct this injustice by illegally printing portions of his English translation of the Greek text, and having them smuggled into England and Scotland.

  • Slavic Bible Missionary Brothers | Heroes of the Bible

    Two brothers, Cyril and Methodius volunteered to translate the Gospels, the psalter, as well as Paul’s letters into the language of the people. Their missionary work continued for over 16 years, including developing the Cyrillic alphabet still in use today, allowing them to make the Bible transla...

  • Casiodoro de Reina - The Spanish Bible | Heroes of the Bible

    Casiodoro de Reina was a Lutheran theologian and his translation was the first complete Bible to be printed in Spanish. And interestingly, first published in Basel, Switzerland! The Reina-Valera Bible today has become the common Bible of millions of Spanish-speaking protestants around the world.

  • St. Jerome - The Vulgate | Heroes of the Bible

    St. Jerome spent 30 years in what would today be called a “basement” of the Church of the Nativity—editing and correcting the Old Latin manuscripts of the Bible—now known as the Vulgate—the Bible of the western church for 1000 years. For hundreds of years, Jerome’s version was the only Bible in u...

  • Christopher Saur - Luther’s German Bible | Heroes of the Bible

    The Christopher Saur family printed three versions of Martin Luther’s German Bible—all three a first: In 1743 the first European-language Bible in America. In 1763, the first Bible printed on American-made paper. And in 1776 the first Bible printed from American-made type and what became the so-c...

  • Daniel Bomberg - The Hebrew Bible | Heroes of the Bible

    In 1517, a Venetian printer published the Hebrew Bible text with rabbinic commentaries—known as the Bomberg Bible! Seven years later, Daniel Bomberg published a second edition of the Rabbinic Bible, this time with the Masoretic Text—the Hebrew and Aramaic text with vocalization, cantillation mark...