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The Tyndale Bible | Heroes of the Bible

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The Gutenberg Bible and Press | Heroes of the Bible

Heroes of the Bible • 1m 3s

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  • The Tyndale Bible | Heroes of the Bible

    Hard to imagine, but in the early 1500s, having an English Bible in England was illegal! William Tyndale, set out to correct this injustice by illegally printing portions of his English translation of the Greek text, and having them smuggled into England and Scotland.

  • Casiodoro de Reina - The Spanish Bibl...

    Casiodoro de Reina was a Lutheran theologian and his translation was the first complete Bible to be printed in Spanish. And interestingly, first published in Basel, Switzerland! The Reina-Valera Bible today has become the common Bible of millions of Spanish-speaking protestants around the world.

  • St. Jerome - The Vulgate | Heroes of ...

    St. Jerome spent 30 years in what would today be called a “basement” of the Church of the Nativity—editing and correcting the Old Latin manuscripts of the Bible—now known as the Vulgate—the Bible of the western church for 1000 years. For hundreds of years, Jerome’s version was the only Bible in u...