Grace is Greater

Grace is Greater

With teaching from Kyle Idleman, these four real-life testimonies will lead you to an understanding of grace that is bigger than your mistakes, your disappointments, your desire for revenge, and your seemingly impossible situations.

Subtitles available in English and Spanish

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Themes: Grace, Forgiveness, Broken, Wounds, Hurt, Mistakes, Revenge, Weakness, Guilt, Struggle

Produced by City on a Hill Studio

Grace is Greater
  • 1. Grace is Greater Introduction

    Pastor Kyle Idleman explains how a mere definition is not sufficient to understand grace; you have to experience grace in your life! We often underestimate the true power of grace and think grace is not possible after what we've done or what's been done to us. But grace will always meet you where...

  • 2. Grace > Guilt

    Darryll had a difficult childhood which led him down a path of drug use at a young age. After a drug deal gone bad in which he committed a murder, Darryll was sentenced is to 35 years in prison. God began to invade Darryll's life, yet he still struggled with deep guilt over his past. He couldn't ...

  • 3. Grace > Brokenness

    This is Molly's story of grace in the face of tragedy, pain, loss, and ultimately brokenness. Even after suffering the loss of a parent, child, and marriage, Molly discovered the heart of God in the midst of her darkest moments and deepest despair. God's grace is sufficient for mend any and all b...

  • 4. Grace > Wounds

    Sharon's story seems unfathomable to most. She was kidnapped and almost killed by a revengeful former client. After this incident, Sharon lived in constant fear and thoughts of retaliation often came to her mind. She did not think she could ever extend grace to the man who had caused such deep wo...

  • 5. Grace > Weakness

    Ashley had her world turned upside down when Matt, her husband and father of her three young children, died unexpectedly in a car crash. After years of relying on her husband, Ashley found herself leaning on God and trusting Him in ways she never had before. God's grace gave her the power she did...

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  • MINI-DOCUMENTARY: Grace is Greater (Full Length)

    Michael has seen more than his share of failures, bitterness, doubt, and setbacks in his lifetime. He’s homeless. He’s addicted. He hasn’t spoken to his family in years. His son is in jail for murder. Is God’s grace big enough, strong enough, and powerful enough to overcome his seemingly impossib...

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