God for the Rest of Us

God for the Rest of Us

Following the story of a Las Vegas Church in the heart of Sin City and led by Pastor Vince Antonucci, watch the stories real-life people you wouldn’t expect to see sitting next to you on Sunday morning.

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Themes: Grace, Acceptance, Hurting, Different, Forgotten, Addicted, Lost, Unconditional Love, Church, Judgement

Produced by City on a Hill Studio

God for the Rest of Us
  • 1. God For The Rest Of Us

    Two men move to Las Vegas, one to lose himself and the other to save the lost. Travis was a young player from Philly who soon found himself becoming a pimp on the strip. Vince was a pastor of a booming church in Virginia Beach who is called by God to start a new church in Sin City. As we follow t...

  • 2. God For The Unchurched

    Two Vegas performers struggle with their work as God transforms them from within. Warren is a fire-breathing clown who finds he has unique opportunities to reach out to those far from God. Sandy is a Brittany Spears impersonator who finds the demands of her job are increasingly in conflict with h...

  • 3. God For The Hurting

    Donnie is a bouncer at Vegas’ top nightclub, an aspiring police officer, and a determined young man who fought his way out of homelessness on the streets of Compton. Scott is a man rebuilding his life after his gambling addiction cost him absolutely everything. Scott’s addiction hurt everyone in ...

  • 4. God For The Forgotten

    Two desperate men who are ensnared in the trap of Sin City find new life and purpose. Gary works as a casino pit boss, feeding the addictions of his customers while he himself is addicted to drugs and hate. Anjel is a homeless vagabond, living on the streets, supporting himself by pick-pocketing ...

  • 5. God For The Christian

    And yes, God is for the Christian too…though often in unexpected ways. Jessi is a gifted performer and acrobat working in Cirque Du Soleil productions, and
    Tommy is a seminary grad working in an exciting new church plant. Both lifelong Christians, they feel like they’re in their dream jobs. Unti...

  • 6. God For The Darkness

    Marvelous Mark is a performer and comedian on the Vegas strip, who brings the whole cast of God For the Rest of Us together for an outrageous idea - a block
    party in Las Vegas’ infamous Crack Alley. While Vince weighs the idea, it grows even bigger, as the team decides to also put on a huge vari...

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