Acts of God

Acts of God

Gain insight and hope as Pastor Bob Russell uses the biblical story of Joseph to explore how, in the face of personal pain or the suffering of loved ones, we can trust in the Lord at all times.

Subtitles in English and Spanish

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Themes: Pain, Suffering, Blessing, Adversity, Betrayal, Joseph, Hope, Trust, Faith, Temptation

Produced by City on a Hill Studio

Acts of God
  • 1. The Problem of Pain

    Sarah and Becca spend the evening helping Tracy pick a new cancer wig, then head for home. Garrett spends the evening celebrating his company’s latest conquest, and heads out in search of the next party. They collide in a rainy intersection - an event that ties six hurting souls together in their...

  • 2. Faithful Despite Betrayal

    Sarah has followed God all her life, and he has repaid that by taking her husband and daughter? Tracy has a husband and family who need her, and yet God lets her get cancer? Rita begs God to bring her husband home safe from Afghanistan, but her husband comes home a broken man? Why would a good an...

  • 3. Faithful Under Temptation

    While Steve is in Afghanistan, Rita finds God. Overwhelmed and terrified, he becomes her strength and her anchor. Even better, God answers her prayers, bringing Steve home safe and sound - or so it seemed at first. But Steve is tormented by the ghosts of war, too paralyzed with PTSD to be a husba...

  • 4. Faithful Through Adversity

    For David, trusting God was always a struggle. As a neurosurgeon, he saw so much tragedy that believing in a loving God always was a stretch. Joining Sara’s husband Blake in ministry, and helping to start an orphanage in Mexico, David finally feels that light is overcoming darkness. But when seem...

  • 5. Faithful in Blessing

    Garrett has it all. Self-made man, successful entrepreneur with a booming company, the most prominent businessman in town. He’s his own god - until he discovers he doesn’t have the power to save himself. On the other hand, Tracy has nothing but a brain tumor and a few months to live. Yet she sees...

  • 6. The Purpose of Pain

    Sarah sits in the witness stand, facing the man who killed her daughter. In the courtroom, Steve, Tracy, David, and a packed house wait to hear her words of pain and condemnation. Garret sits broken, paralyzed with remorse, resigned to his fate. But with one simple act of forgiveness, Sarah unkno...

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  • FEATURE FILM | Acts of God

    A story about seven people unexpectedly pulled together through a terrible accident and their honest struggle with one question: Why? Perhaps the greatest human question of all is the question of suffering: If God is good, why does He allow so much pain in the world?